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USPS address: Xline Sportsmans Club, PO Box 846, Kankakee, IL, 60901

Physical club address: Xline Sportsmans Club, 4800 E Exline Club Rd, Kankakee, IL 60901

Club phone number (815)933-8989

website www.xlinesc.com email [email protected]

All membership questions should be directed to

Ryan Carruthers (club vp) [email protected]

Here is a pic of Megan Fox (the transformers girl?) , in any case, she caught a 7+ lb, 24 inch albino catfish in the Xline pond. Megan and proud papa Stan Carillo released it so another one of us can catch it again.

Please see the Trap Shooting tab for Youth League and Sporting Clays activities beginning on Oct 7 and 16, 2021


Sporting Clays night shooting on Mondays & Thursdays.  Trap open Tuesday for league & 410 protections; & Friday for 12 gauge games & league.  Trap shooting events call jack 815-295-1194 / www.xlinesc.com

Upcoming trap shooting events at Xline Sportsmans Club

Friends of NRA Sporting Clays Shoot

Summer Sporting Clays League

Policemans Challenge to Benefit Special Olympics

Friday Night Conserve Shells League

2021 Fathers Day Campout

Looks like it was a success, plenty of families enjoying themselves, thanks to all who camped and who helped.

Information from the IDNR website, couple members provided this.

1) May a person possessing a valid Illinois Concealed Carry Permit carry a concealed firearm

when deer or turkey hunting?

Under the current regulations, Concealed Carry Permit holders are not allowed to possess any

firearm, including a concealed firearm, when deer or turkey hunting unless the firearm carried is

legal for taking the species being hunted. For example, an archery deer hunter would not be

able to carry any firearm, whether concealed or not, when archery deer hunting. However, if a

concealed carry permit holder is hunting deer during the legal “firearm” deer seasons, he/she

may carry a concealed firearm, but only if that firearm is of the legal type for firearm deer

hunting. It is not unlawful for a Concealed Carry Permit hunter to possess a concealed firearm in their vehicle. The specifications for legal deer hunting handguns can be found on page 17 of the 2013-2014 Illinois Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations at the following link;