TARGET ARCHERY Archery for the season will start June 27, 2021.

Summer time fun??? Family time?? Ever heard of archery?? Don't know how?? NO PROBLEM!!!

Its a great thing for the whole family. It doesn't take much, all you need to do is bring the family out to Xline Sportsman's club. We have all the equipment. We'll teach you everything but not only for beginners, we have advanced levels too. If you own a bow or hunt. come shoot with people at your level and really test your skills. Interested?? GREAT!!

Where? Xline Sportsman's club

When? Every sunday beginning middle of June and going thru August

Who? YOU!! Beginners start at 4pm to 6pm

Advanced starts at 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Cost is $25 for the whole season


Need anymore info contact Marilyn by phone at 815-735-2823 or email me [email protected]


All matches start at 9am. Eye and ear protection is required for ALL participants and spectators…NO EXCEPTIONS!

The June and November matches will be 3-gun matches. You will need a 20 or 12 gauge shotgun, a centerfire rifle and the handgun or pistol caliber carbine of your choice, along with at least 25rds of ammo for the shotgun (birdshot works well…NO SLUGS or STEEL SHOT IS ALLOWED), 10rds of ammo for the rifle (NO STEEL TIPPED/CORE AMMO ALLOWED) and at least 50rds of ammo for the pistol/pistol caliber carbine, along with a sufficient number of magazines or speedloaders.

The rest of the matches during the year will be shot with either a handgun, pistol caliber carbine or a combination of shotgun and pistol/pistol caliber carbine. You will also need a holster and magazine pouches or speedloader holders.

Matches are open to the shooting public.

CASH BASH FOR 2021 -request form-

Contact Rich "Bones" Huffman to get a cash bash ticket or get them at the club, phone 815-937-4532 email [email protected] 2021 Cash Bash is July 10


Sportsman Day Out for 2021 will be on Sept 25, 1-4pm. There will be a cash bar and plenty of food to eat. There will be a free door prize raffle which you must be present to win. Many other raffles for prizes and cash will be held, plus silent auctions. Just show up, no need to have a ticket. Open to the general public.

NO CHILD LEFT INDOORS 2021 Date is June 26

The Pheasants and Quail Forever / No Child Left Indoors event will be Xline Sportsmans Club. There will be archery, shooting, fishing and other things enjoyed by all. Volunteers needed.

contact Bob Anderson [email protected] 815-735-5036

HUNTER SAFETY CLASS 2021 Hunter Safety class is September 18 and 19 at XLINE, 9am to 4pm

Must attend both days. Open to the public. Attendance is limited.

Any one under 10 years old has to be accompanied by an adult

Any one born after 1980 has to have the class to get a hunting license in IL

The class is free. Call Leroy Smith to RSVP (815)935-2700

FATHERS DAY CAMP OUT 2021 Dates are June 19 and 20

This is a really fun event where kids and fathers (plus others) can come out to the club, camp out overnight, go fishing, eat too much as usual, enjoy the playground, etc..

Bring your own tent / camping supplies and fishing eqpt.

Bring a dish for a pot luck dinner on Sat night and a big breakfast is served on Sunday morning. Fun for all.

Members may invite non-members to this event.

There is no fee for this event.

Attendee's must RSVP by contacting Leroy Smith at 815-935-2700


The Xline Club members put on 1-2 events every year for the Manteno Veterans Home (MVH) residents, completely funded and staffed by Xline members.

Lunch / party's at the Xline Club which includes card playing, dinner, beverages and other games.

Everyone always has a good time and Xline club members are proud to be able to do this for the MVH residents.

Help is always needed in staffing these activities, please consider doing your best to participate.

Date for 2021 is November 10