Rifle - Pistol

Vandalism and/or destruction of Xline Sportsmans Club property may result in expulsion from the club and/or criminal prosecution.

All Xline Sportsmans Club Property is monitored via CCTV cameras


  • Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
  • Keep the gun unloaded until ready to use
  • Know your target and whats behind it

Consult the club calendar for range closures and police training dates

Action pistol range dates are also on the club calendar


  • Private Property - Members Only, Others Will Be Prosecuted
  • Shooting Hours - 9am to Dusk, No Shooting After Dark
  • Everyone must sign in and out
  • Red flag must be displayed when range is in use
  • Eye and ear protection mandatory
  • No alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs allowed
  • No bump or slide fire or repeating trigger actions allowed
  • 2 persons recommended
  • Be courteous, 1 firearm out at a time
  • All firearms are to be unloaded and action open when range is "cold"
  • No shooting into the ground, you must shoot into the berm
  • Targets must be 4 feet high
  • Pistol shooting on pistol range
  • Rifle shooting on rifle range, 50 yds minimum
  • The cartridge .50 BMG may not be shot at Xline Sportsmans Club
  • Rifles (carbines) of handgun caliber may be used on pistol range
  • Paper targets, plastic bottles only, clean up your mess
  • No hunting, no armor piercing ammo, no explosive targets
  • No shooting of glass, aerosol cans, tanks, etc.
  • Clean up all brass and dispose of properly
  • Remove and dispose of used targets - leave the range cleaner than you found it
  • Anyone caught without a member will be prosecuted
  • Safety is everyone's responsibility, be smart, shoot safe