X-LINE Trap Shooting   Jack Miller - Manager

Phone numbers   Club:815-932-0877   Jacks cell: 815-295-1194

Jacks home: 815-937-4881

All trap shooting is open to the public, come and shoot, bring your gun, ammo, (7- 9 shot shotgun loads), eye and ear protection

Message from Jack Miller

We will be using "Social Distancing" the club house will be open for

restrooms, coffee, & to pay. Please remember keeping "Social Distancing!" Normal trap shooting posts are within the "Social Distancing" Regs. On Sporting clays days we will decrease the number of shooters on a group from 6 to 3 or 4. We will also stagger starting stations to help with "Social Distancing!"

Mondays will be sporting clays 5 to 8:30; Tuesdays trap from 1 to 9; Fridays will trap from 5 to 9! Saturdays & Sundays will be scheduled events.

Sign up for trap will be at the trap as usual please respect the "Social Distancing" when telling the puller you're name & post. Also as usual pay when your done.

Sign up for sporting clays send one person from your group into the clubhouse to get your group scoresheet & starting Station. When done shooting, keep "Social Distancing" when paying.

Bring your folding chairs enjoy shade & fresh air outside but keep "Social Distancing"

Call Big Jack for reservations, shooting times, & other info 815-295-1194!


Sporting Clays night shooting on Mondays & Thursdays.  Trap open Tuesday for league & 410 protections; & Friday for 12 gauge games & league.  Trap shooting events call jack 815-295-1194 /

Upcoming trap shooting events at Xline Sportsmans Club

Friends of NRA Sporting Clays Shoot

Summer Sporting Clays League

Policemans Challenge to Benefit Special Olympics

Friday Night Conserve Shells League

This is my (Jacks) 35th year of teaching youth how to use a shotgun safely on a trap field and also how to break clay targets.

The awards day is special because we have a parent-child championship that day. There's nothing more fun than competing with your child or grandchild.